Playlist for better sleep

Maximize Your Sleep Quality: Discover the Ultimate Sleep Aid with Relaxing Playlists for Deep Relaxation and Better Sleep

Playlist#1 Rain Sounds for Sleeping or Studying

Rain noise is one of nature’s most relaxing ambiences. From thunderstorms to rainforest sounds, Relaxing Film offers a wide variety of rain videos. Choose the rain sound that’s best for you! Rainstorms serve as a natural form of white noise, helping you to block out distractions and unwind. You can also use these rain sounds for sleeping, studying, or for stress relief. Enjoy a rainy day!

Playlist#2 Thunderstorm Rain Noise for Relaxation & Sleep

When it comes to soothing relaxation sounds, nothing sets the mood like rain and thunder. This playlist has nearly every variety of thunderstorm sound you can think of, including rain and thunder with ocean waves, thunderstorms in a forest, a rumbling storm as heard from your cozy bedroom, and even thunder and lightning over a medieval castle! Find tonight’s sleep sound from Relaxing Film’s wide variety of thunderstorm ambiences.

Playlist#3 White Noise for Babies

Struggling to put your baby to sleep? Give our ‘White Noise for Babies’ playlist a try. The carefully curated white noise tracks mimic the comforting sounds heard in the womb, providing your little one with a cozy, familiar atmosphere. These calming sounds also effectively mask other potential distractions, ensuring your infant can sleep undisturbed. So the next time your baby is tossing and turning, play some white noise from this playlist and witness the swift journey to dreamland!